Located in Poulsbo, WA of Kitsap County (map it).

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Permes is; a registered Cattery with TICA (The International Cat Association) and a C.F.A (Cat Fanciers' Association). Registered Cattery of Excellence and feel proud, To Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote the Applehead type Siamese Cats. We at Permes strive for excellence and work diligently to improve and strengthen our lines, which is why I have introduced new bloodlines into my cattery from Europe. Our major commitment is to preserve these wonderful cats from being genetically diluted and forgotten. All of our cats are bred for the Applehead type and are selectively chosen for breeding to improve Health, Temperament, Intelligence, Personality, Conformation, and Eye Color. The Traditional Applehead and the Classic Style Siamese has always been a medium large, robust bodied cat with a slightly rounder than modified wedge head. We are sure that many of you remember this type of Siamese as a child. Applehead style Siamese have been replaced by their modern contemporaries, which are more commonly known as Wedge Head (Show) type. What makes the Applehead Siamese so unique is their dog like behavior. They are highly intelligent and very personable cats that follow you around the house to stay close to you. As a parent I can tell you first hand that they are great with kids and other pets. They are docile and affectionate and easy to train. Our Motto is: sound mind and sound body. Therefore, our kittens are well socialized from the beginning to give them a head start in life. We breed several colors points such as, Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Red, Tortie's, Solid Whites and we are proud to offer all shades of Lynx Points, the SNOW TIGERS of the Siamese breed. Definitely GORGEOUS! There are some people out there that disagree with my breeding program and have criticized me for breeding so many different colors and for crossing some of my Balinese to my Siamese. Please understand the Balinese Cat is no more than a long hair Siamese and there is absolutely nothing wrong with crossing these two Registered Breeds to each other to develop and expand bloodlines. These breeding practices are fully acceptable and allowed by all Cat Registries. Unfortunately there are some breeders out there that will try and convince the average person differently purely out of self interest, jealousy and/or ignorance. Every Single cat and kitten in my breeding program is either dual registered with (CFA & TICA) or with either one of those two organizations. I am sure Sylvia Holland the promoter and the person responsible for advocating the Balinese breed was also criticized for her work in the early development of the breed. Thanks to her courage and her steadfastness to stay the course of her goal we are fortunate enough to have such a beautiful breed of cat among us. She is my inspiration behind the development of my breeding program. I too am following my own personal goal to develop the Siamese and Balinese in all their glorious color.    

Thank you for your interest in Permes. Permes is a breeder of Balinese, Oriental and Siamese kittens in Poulsbo, WA. Poulsbo is located in Kitsap County. Please contact this breeder using the Inquiry form on the right to learn about pricing, colors, shipping, health guarantees, availability and more!


Balinese, Oriental and Siamese

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Male Balinese
6 years old
Male Oriental
6 years old
Female Siamese
6 years old
Male Siamese
6 years old