Located in Saint Peters, MO of Saint Charles County (map it).

About This Breeder

We are a local cattery in Saint Peters Missouri.  We have a few litters every year and all we produce is the Himalayan Persian Flame Point.  We do not offer waiting lists only prepayments for the current litter at a discount.  You may prepay for your kitten for the next litter if all kittens have been placed.    We researched our breeding stock and choose from catterys that have been around for 15 + years and with no genetic problems.  We are a closed cattery and do not allow other cats or kittens to enter our home.  This maintains the strict closed status. 

We will allow you to come and pick up your kitten and fly back with them as carry on luggage in an FAA approved soft carrier that you must supply.  That is the only way we will ship our kittens.  We will provide the vet cert necessary if you tell us you will be flying there will be no additional charge - if we have to make a special visit to get the travel cert - you will have to pay extra. 

If you are looking for a Flame Point kitten then you know how hard they are to find.  These will be born around the end of June.  Depending on your experience we will allow placement after 8 weeks minumum and we like to hold them until 12 weeks to give them extra time with mother.

You may visit and play with the litter after they are 5 weeks old with appointment. 

Thank you for your interest in STA-STA. STA-STA is a breeder of Himalayan and Persian kittens in Saint Peters, MO. Saint Peters is located in Saint Charles County. Please contact this breeder using the Inquiry form on the right to learn about pricing, colors, shipping, health guarantees, availability and more!


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