American Curl Breed

The American Curl is a breed of cat distinguished by it's unusual and delicate ears which curl back from the face toward the back of the head. The breed is the result of a spontaneous mutation and the first kittens known to show it were discovered in 1981 in Lakewood, California.

Curls are a very curious, loving and devoted breed. They are extremely human-oriented and enjoy a lot of attention from their owners and try to include you in everything they do! They make excellent lap pets, as they are happy to sit or sleep quietly with their owner almost all the time. They have quiet voices and are sometimes talkative to get attention. Curls are alert, inquisitive and adaptable and will be even-tempered when introduced to new companions. Many have noted that the American Curl has a very kitten-like personality throughout life.

American Curls are medium sized cats with a rounded head, a substantial muzzle and open expressions. Their ears are their distinctive trait, open and curling backwards from the face. Curls are born with straight ears which begin unfolding at 3-5 days, reaching their final shape around 16 weeks. The ears are very delicate, and extra attention should be paid to them. There is a wide range of curl to the ears, and because some Curls are crossbred to ensure the quality of the breed, some Curls never develop the distinctive ears.

American Curls come in longhair and shorthair, in both cases soft and silky.  Curls are produced in all color and pattern variations.

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