American Wirehair Breed

The American Wirehair is an uncommon breed of cat that originated in New York in the 1960s. The first wirehair appeared as a random mutation born to a pair of barn cats and was a red and white male. Breeding began and by 1978 the breed was accepted for competition. Though well known, they remain a rare breed and very few are registered.

The American Wirehair is an extremely adaptable and tolerant breed, making it a great companion in any home, whether an elderly couple or a family with small children and dogs. They are intelligent, playful, loyal and calm. Though female cats tend to be busier than male cats, both are calm, curious and playful animals. They enjoy playing, hunting insects or watching birds, or simply sitting and watching activity around them. Some will make great lap cats though the more independent of the breed may just enjoy being near human companions.

Wirehairs are a medium sized cat with very balanced features. They are firm and well-proportional, with heads slightly longer than they are wide. Their faces have an open expression, in part due to their wide-set, medium or large eyes. Ears are medium in size and slightly rounded at the tips. Though females are generally smaller than males, both are proportional and the balance of features is most important for showing.

The wiry coat of this cat is what sets it apart from others. The wiriness of the coat comes in varying degrees, from spiked to curly. An ideal coat is dense, coarse and crimped, soft to the touch but springing back into place after being touched. In many cases, wirehairs have sensitive skin and extra care should be paid to grooming. The American Wirehair comes in all colors and patterns, though chocolate, lilac and colorpoint are not permissible for showing.

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