Bombay Breed

Nikki Horner of Louisville, Kentucky had in mind a “miniature black panther” when she set about breeding an American Shorthair with a sable Burmese cat in 1958. Early efforts were unsuccessful, but by 1965 the combination produced what we now recognize as the Bombay, a sleek black cat with shining eyes and an loving personality. Bombays are affectionately known as “parlor panthers.”

The Bombay combines the inquisitive nature of the Burmese with the easy-going nature of the American Shorthair. Bombays are enthusiastic and loving, and are known for their desire to spend time in human company. Though they love to play, you should expect your Bombay to spend most of its time in your lap, at your side or nuzzling your ankles. Bombay cats are affectionate with entire families and will make new human and dog friends if given a proper introduction, though they tend not to like other cats. Because Bombays require so much attention and affection, they can become depressed if left alone for long periods of time. Aside from this, care is simple.

Bombays are sleek and muscular animals. They are a medium sized cat, though they can be surprisingly heavy due to their bone structure. They have round heads with no sharp angles and medium-sized ears which sit apart on the head and tilt forward. Their copper or golden eyes are large and wide-set.  

Bombays are known for their sleek, jet black coat which is tight, sheds little, and does not need much maintenance. Occasionally a Bombay will be born sable colored because of their relation to the Burmese, but this color is not acceptable for show.

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