Devon Rex Breed

A decade after the emergence of the Cornish Rex, a similar kitten was found in an abandoned tin mine in Devon, England. Thinking Kirlee could contribute to the breeding program of the Cornish Rex, his owner wrote to a geneticist for help. However, the gene that creates the Devon Rex is distinct from the Cornish gene, and it results in a less uniform appearance in the coat and short, stubby whiskers rather than curled whiskers, and even more pronounced ears. All Devon Rex trace their ancestry back to Kirlee.

These cats have famously been described as “monkeys in cat suits.” The description is apt, given their impish and curious personalities and playful nature throughout life. They’re excellent jumpers and enjoy hiding in any space big enough to fit them, especially if it’s high. Devons are a faithful and devoted breed, and tend to bond to one person in a family more so than others. Devons have a singular way of showing affection as they especially love being curled up near the head or neck of their favorite human and will even perch on a shoulder if allowed. The typical Devon is very intelligent and can be trained to jump, heel, tag, and even walk on a leash. Although fairly independent, Devons should not be left alone for long periods of time as they can become destructive if bored.

The Devon Rex is similar in trait to the Cornish Rex. They are a medium sized cat ranging from six to nine pounds, with the males larger than the females. Their long slender bodies are well muscled. Their distinctive faces appear almost pixie-like, with a short muzzle, high cheekbones, large eyes and large, low-set ears. The whiskers are short and curled, to the point where they may appear not to have whiskers at all on first glance.

Devons are known for their soft, wavy coat. Their short hair is preferred in a uniform layer of loose curls, but there is a range from very curly to suede-like, and some cats are born with almost bare patches. The quality of the coat may also vary throughout a Devon’s life. All colors and patterns are possible and recognized.

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