Egyptian Mau Breed

Those familiar with the art of the ancient Egyptians will recognize the Egyptian Mau as the spotted, dark eyed cat seen there. Archaeological and genetic research have proven that the cat did indeed originate there, and is believed to have descended from wild African cats. The modern Egyptian Mau was brought to the United States in 1956 from Italy and a breeding program began. The breed is fairly rare and only around 7,000 are currently registered.

To an outsider, the Egyptian Mau may seem aloof and shy. The truth is that Egyptian Maus are extremely loving and focused animals, tending to bond with one special person only. The bond between a Mau and its favorite human is strong and in many ways different from other cat-human bonds. Though happy to explore and play independently, when a Mau is ready to give its human attention, it expects attention back. In this way, Maus can be a difficult breed and do not make good pets for the absent owner. The Egyptian Mau is a strong and active cat, and, though not recommended outdoors unsupervised or in an open space, may be suited to outdoor life if introduced slowly. Maus are shy and sensitive to loud noises and strangers, and are also known to be defensive of their territory.

The Egyptian Mau is a sleek, muscular, and graceful breed. They are built for running, with legs slightly shorter in front than back and a skin fold under the belly which allows the legs to stretch back further. Maus have a slightly rounded wedge shaped head with medium to large flared ears that appear almost transparent. Their almond shaped eyes are large, alert and slightly slanted, which in combination with their green color creates the breed’s distinctive worried look.

The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted domestic cat. The pattern is random and includes a “M” or scarab shaped mark on the forehead. Their coat is medium in length and comes in five colors: silver, bronze, smoke, black and blue.

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