Exotic Shorthair Breed

Sometimes called “the lazy man’s Persian, the Exotic Shorthair is a domestic cat that resembles its Persian ancestors in almost all ways but their difficult to care for coat. Originally bred as an outcross of the Persian meant to improve that breed, the Exotic Shorthair eventually gained recognition as its own breed in the 1960s. Though early breeding programs allowed outcrossing with the Russian Blue and Burmese, the only acceptable outcross today is the Persian.

Although livelier than their Persian ancestors, the Exotic Shorthair has a similar gentle personality. Exotics are curious and playful with humans of all ages and other animals and greatly enjoy having company. They don’t like being left alone, but are often soothed by the sounds of human activity coming from the radio or television. They are calm, steady, and make excellent lap cats, though they will also make playful pets. The Exotic has a soft, chirping voice but is not a very talkative breed.

Exotics are a large and heavy-boned cat whose body rests low to the ground. Their heads are broad and round and their faces are short and sweet. Exotic tails are short, thick, and softly taper at the ends. Ears sit low upon the head, noses are snub, and eyes are large and expressive. Like similar flat-faced cats, the Exotic’s eyes are prone to overflowing the ducts and staining the face. A damp, soft cloth can be used occasionally to remedy this.

Unlike Persians, the Exotic Shorthair has a soft, dense coat which is relatively easy to care for with a simple combing regimen. The coat comes in a rainbow of colors and patterns, including pointed.

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