Havana Breed

While brown cats have been shown in England since the 1880s, it was not until the 1950s that this striking chocolate brown coat we know as the Havana was developed. Breeders used chocolate point and seal point Siamese, a few Russian Blue, and solid black domestic cats to create these beautiful cats. Originally called Chestnut Foreign Shorthair, the name of the breed was changed to Havana in 1970.  

The Havana is a curious, playful, and expressive breed. Curious and intelligent, Havanas love to explore their world. They will investigate knocks on the door, crashing sounds, and a ringing phone. They love people and need lots of attention and affection, though they are more than happy to return it. They make ideal pets for people who enjoy having lots of cat company.

The Havana is a long, medium-boned cat. The body is firm, muscular and graceful, but not heavy. Males weigh from 8-10 pounds while females range from 6 to 8 pounds. While mostly known for their striking color, the Havana’s head is also distinguishable by its erect and forward facing ears, a prominent stop, a square chin, prominent whisker pads, and sparkling green eyes.

Though known for their rich brown color, the Havana also comes in a pinkish grey or lilac coat. In both colors, the Havana’s coat is rich and glossy.

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