Himalayan Breed

A man-made breed distinguished from its Persian ancestors by their colorpoint pattern and blue eyes, the Himalayan is a striking and beautiful cat with a wonderful personality. The first Himalayan cat was produced from a breeding program in 1931 and by the mid-1950s the breed was officially recognized. Today, the Himalayan is one of the most popular breeds of domestic cat.

The Himalayan is a gentle, sweet, and affectionate breed. Rather than a bundle of activity, most Himalayans are cuddly and calm. They make excellent lap cats and love attention, though they are not as demanding of it as other breeds can be. Himalayans bond strongly with their owners and are very sensitive to their favorite human’s mood. Quieter than their Siamese cousins, Himalayans can become rather talkative if ignored.  

Himalayans are generally rounder cats with shorter legs, though some will resemble their Siamese cousins’ longer and more gracefully proportioned bodies. Their tails are short and thick, though proportional in length to their bodies. Heads are large and round, and their distinctive squished face can’t be missed. The nose is short and snub, the ears are small and wide-set, and the eyes are large, round, and set widely apart.

The coat of the Himalayan is long, flowing, and requires attentive grooming. Done properly, grooming will take time, but if ignored your cat’s coat can become seriously matted and tangled. All pointed colors are accepted, provided there is a distinct contrast between color points and body color.

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