Japanese Bobtail Breed

Those familiar with Japanese culture might recognize the Japanese Bobtail as the inspiration for Maneki Neko, Japan’s “lucky cat,” and Hello Kitty, the popular character. In addition to those more modern cultural references, representations of the Japanese Bobtail are included in paintings and manuscripts dating back at least 1,000 years. A natural breed definitively dating back several centuries, many believe the breed to have originated on the Asian continent. Japanese Bobtails first arrived in the United States in 1968.

Outgoing, active, and intelligent, Japanese Bobtails make excellent companions for any family. Independent cats, they can keep themselves busy playing, exploring, and investigating. Like many other cats, Japanese Bobtails enjoy being high and hiding, and can often be found on the highest shelf available watching the action below them. Their inquisitive and intelligent nature makes them an easy breed to train. Too busy to make good lap cats, they are nevertheless affectionate and loyal animals. Often described as “singing cats,” Japanese Bobtails are capable of speaking in a whole scale of tones, and will often respond to human voices with their own.

The Japanese Bobtail is named for its unique pom-pom like tail. They may be flexible or rigid, and no two are ever alike, comprised as they are of curves, kinks and angles. Though their short tails don’t pose serious health risks as they do in breeds like the Manx, they should only be handled gently. These Bobtails also have distinctive facial features, with sharp, high cheekbones on a triangularly shaped head topped with large, high-set ears. Japanese Bobtails are medium-sized cats with long, slender frames and powerful bodies. Odd-color (differently colored) and blue eyed cats are considered especially lucky.

Japanese Bobtails are available in long and shorthair variations, and in both is soft and silky with very little undercoat. A tri-colored coat is traditionally preferred, but a wide variety of color and pattern is available.

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