Munchkin Breed

Munchkins are a cat with short legs and a lot of heart. The result of a naturally occurring genetic mutation, Munchkins have appeared in various places around the globe for at least the last century. In 1983, a cat with these short legs was born in Louisiana. Her owner called her Blackberry, and it is from her that the modern Munchkin is descended.

Sociable and active, Munchkins make great additions to a busy house. They are extremely playful and love to run, chase, and fetch. They’ll keep company with almost anyone who will play, including small children and dogs. Curious and self-assured, Munchkins make great explorers. Though not able to leap to heights in a single jump, your determined Munchkin will find the way with stepping stones. Though active, Munchkins are friendly and respond well to being handled.

Munchkins are small to medium sized cats who range in weight from 5 to 9 pounds. They appear as normal cats in all respects but the length of their legs. Though the gene which causes  the short leg mutation has often been compared to the gene that causes short legs in Dachsunds and Corgis, the health concerns associated with those dogs are not found in these cats thanks to their differing structure.

Munchkins come in both long and shorthair varieties. Both coats are easy to care for with minimal grooming, especially the shorthair. A range of colors and patterns is present in the breed.

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