Nebelung Breed

Derived from the German word Nebel, meaning mist or fog, the name Nebelung was chosen to describe this breed’s unique silky blue coat. A fairly new and rare breed, Nebelung were first bred in America in the 1980s to resemble early blue longhairs that lived in Russia. The breed standard remains similar to that of the Russian Blue.

Though devoted and loving, Nebelungs can be shy around strangers. As kittens, they may need extra time to adjust to their new surroundings, and new Nebelung owners should remember to be patient with them. Additionally, your Nebelung may need extra time to adjust to household changes (moving, a new baby) throughout life. Once comfortable, Nebelungs are affectionate and will seek out the companionship of its owners. These cats will happily follow their owners from room to room just for the company. It’s important not to confuse their mild-mannered nature with a lack of intelligence, as they are very intelligent cats. A vocal breed known for making its needs known, your Nebelung won’t hesitate to tell you when its food isn’t right or its litter isn’t clean.

Nebelung are graceful and beautiful cats. Their bodies are long and slender at the same time as they are sturdy and muscular. Heads are a modified wedge shape with large, pointed ears and green or yellow-green eyes. Like the rest of their bodies, the Nebelung’s tail is also long and graceful.

The Nebelung’s coat is medium in length but dense and will require regular grooming to maintain. Tufts of fur are found behind the ears, a ruff appears around the neck, and both tail and hind legs are extra furry. The Nebelung’s coat is a misty grey tipped with silver. The coat takes up to two years to mature fully.

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