Norwegian Forest Cat Breed

Known in Norway as the “skogkatt” or “skaukatt” (“forest cat”), this native of Northern Europe developed its distinctive traits as a response to the cold climate in which it originated. A very old breed, Norwegian Forest Cats are healthy and hearty. Regarded as a standard house cat until the 1930s, the breed has grown in popularity over the years and was finally recognized in 1977.  

Affectionately known as “Wegies,” these cats make wonderful household pets. Playful and interactive, they enjoy playing their own games or with their favorite human friends. They love human company, are known to be very fond of children, and can become withdrawn or upset if ignored or left alone for long periods of time.  
Many of the breed’s distinctive traits were developed in response to harsh winters. Their bodies are large and muscular (males weigh 13-22 pounds, while females are slightly smaller), and their strong, agile bodies make them excellent jumpers and hunters. Their heads are triangularly shaped with a long and straight nose. Their expressive eyes are large and almond shaped and their large ears arch forward. They are similar in many ways to the Maine Coon.

Also in response to the harsh winter climate of its origins, Norwegian Forest Cats have a very thick, fluffy, double-layered coat with long tufts of fur around their neck and between their toes and long bushy tail. It is water repellent and despite its fluffiness, very easy to keep up with minimal grooming. The breed is available in a variety of colors.

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