Persian Breed

An ancient and well developed breed, the Persian is America's favorite cat. Recognized since the late 1800s, the Persian as we now recognize it was first developed first by the English and then by American breeders following World War II. Longhaired cats of a similar type have existed for centuries, however.

The Persian is a glamorous yet unpretentious breed. They are sweet and gentle cats who will fit easily into almost any home. Their nature is not that of an active and boisterous cat, rather they prefer to play with toys or perch up high and keep an eye on the action. Persians are not demanding, but they will relish the attention you provide. They are expressive and communicative cats, and many will vocalize when they’re displeased. Beautiful, calm, and intelligent, it's no wonder that they have been such a popular pet for so many years.

Persians are striking in appearance and instantly recognizable. The Persian face is characterized by its round face and very short muzzle. They are medium to large cats, with thick, muscular bodies and slightly short legs. Their round heads with centered features and sweet expressions have often earned them a comparison to a pansy.

Their face is not the only distinguishing trait of the Persian. From head to toe, these cats are covered with a long, luxurious coat. Daily combing will be necessary to keep it free of tangles, and regular bathing will be necessary to prevent matting. Their beautiful coats are available in a wide variety of color and pattern to suit your tastes.

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