Peterbald Breed

The Peterbald is a cat of Russian origin created in 1994, the result of an experiment which bred a Donskoy male with an Oriental Shorthair female. The first two litters of this pairing produced four Peterbald kittens who are the founders of the breed. Although recognized, the Peterbald is a young breed and is still being developed in the direction of modern Oriental and Siamese types.  

Peterbalds are sweet, affectionate and peaceful cats. They tend to live harmoniously with everyone, from small children to other cats, and are lovingly devoted to their owners. Though calm and refined, they are also playful and athletic and will impress their owners with their antics. Peterbalds are inquisitive animals and will explore nooks and crannies and investigate every out of place sound they hear. They are highly sociable animals who flourish with attention and affection but become withdrawn if left alone for long periods.

The Peterbald is gracefully built. Long and slender, they are athletic and muscular without being clumsy. They have long tails, webbed feet and oval paws which serve to help them grasp objects, making them adept at opening doors and turning handles. Their heads are narrow, eyes are almond shaped, and their ears are large, widely set apart, and have even been compared to bat wings. In appearance, they are similar to Oriental Shorthairs.

Peterbalds are divided into two groups: Bald and Hairy. Both of these types have further divisions: Bald is available in Ultra Bald, Flock/Chamois, or Velour, while Hairy is divided into Brush and Straight. Ultra Bald are the only variation born without hair. The others are simply variants of a very short coat. Bathing is required for Peterbalds as their skin may become greasy, and care should be taken with their exposure to sun as they burn easily. Peterbalds come in all colors and markings.