Pixiebob Breed

The Pixiebob is a breed of domestic cat originating in the Northwestern United States. The breed has it's beginnings in 1985, when a woman named Carol Ann Brewer purchased a spotted polydactyl (having extra toes) kitten. The following year she rescued a male kitten with a short, bobcat-like tail. A breeding program was instituted and after several years the cat we now know as the Pixiebob was recognized. It is the only breed that accepts polydactyls.

These sweet and intelligent cats may have been bred to resemble a wild cat, but their personality is decidedly domestic. Owners often report a dog-like personality thanks to the the Pixiebob’s loyal and devoted nature, the way they follow their owners from room to room and they way they are quick to learn to fetch, sit, or walk on a leash. They are social cats who will bond to their owners and be friendly with strangers, though some are shy when making new friends. Pixiebobs are known for their distinctive chirping - most don't meow often or at all.

Pixiebobs are a large breed, with males weighing 12 to 17 pounds and females weighing 8 to 12 pounds. Their muscular bodies resemble that of the wild cat they were bred to favor. Their bobbed tails can be non-existent, 2 to 4 inches in length (the desired length), or long (often docked by breeders). Their faces also resemble that of a wild bobcat, with an inverted pear shaped head, thick chin, puffy nose leather and a heavy brow over medium-sized triangular eyes, which range from golden brown to green. Their ears are lynx-tipped. They are often polydactyl cats with more than the normal number of toes (4 front, 5 rear), though the maximum accepted for show is seven.

Pixiebobs are available in both long and shorthair versions, in both cases they have a thick and wooly coat with a padded texture. In longhaired Pixiebobs, the coat will feel slightly softer and silkier. They are noted for their bobcat like fur pattern, which is divided into two color variations: warm (browns, reds, golds) and cool (greys, blacks).

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