Ragamuffin Breed

The Ragamuffin is a relatively new breed of domestic cat, who first appeared in 1994. Ragamuffins are similar to Ragdoll cats, but were bred separately due to the unusual circumstances involving the trademarking of that breed’s name and the restrictive breeding policies set by that breed’s founder. Ragamuffins are one of the more expensive pedigreed cats.

Ragamuffins are known for their friendly and lovable personalities. They are sociable, affectionate and cuddly. Ragamuffins are often very docile and will sometimes go limp when held. Because of their gentle nature and low likelihood of defending themselves in dangerous situations, Ragamuffins should always be kept indoors. They are not terribly athletic cats but they enjoy playing close to the ground or climbing scratching posts. They can be vocal at times, but are not as loud or demanding with their meows as some breeds.  

Ragamuffins are a muscular, heavy breed with a rectangular body, broad chest, and short neck. There should be a fatty pad called the omentum on the lower abdomen that can be felt when petted. Their paws are large, round, and have tufts of fur between toes. Their tails are long with a slight taper toward the end. The head is a broad modified wedge with a slightly rounded forehead. The features of the Ragamuffin’s face are round and contribute to the breed’s characteristic sweet look.

This breed is noted for its thick, rabbit-like fur. It is medium in length and longer toward the stomach. Though fluffy, it does not mat or clump easily and is very easy to maintain. Every color and pattern is available, though some such as all white are considered rare and are thus more valuable.

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