Russian Blue Breed

Sometimes called Archangel Blues, Russian Blues are a naturally occurring breed of cat that originated in the port town Arkhangelsk, Russia. They are believed to have been brought to England and other parts of Europe in the mid nineteenth century by sailors. Records of showings of Russian Blues date back as far as 1875. Developed mainly in Russia and Scandinavia until World War II, Russian Blues began development in the United States following the war, creating the cat we recognize as the modern Russian Blue.

The Russian Blue is known for being a calm, curious, and intelligent cat. They will bond well with their owners and become very sensitive to their emotions and moods, responding appropriately with comfort or something silly when needed. They are known to do well in homes with pets and children. Although playful and inquisitive when comfortable, they can become reserved and shy around strangers. They are clean, quiet, and regal. Although generally quiet, they can develop a large vocabulary if encouraged.

Russian Blues are a medium sized cat with a fine bone structure. Long and lithe, they are muscular without being overbearing. Their heads are a wedge shape with several angular planes and their smiling face is a hallmark trait. Their large, flared ears combined with their smile to create an air of mystery. The eyes are a vivid green and in combination with their coat make for a striking visual.

The Russian Blue comes in one color, silver. The unique look this blue coat with silver tips has given them has long made them a desirable cat.

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