Scottish Fold Breed

In 1961, a shepherd by the named of William Ross found a barn cat with unique folded ears, the first of this unique and special breed. Scottish Folds have since been developed into the adorable cat we recognize today. The cartilage in the ears contains a fold which causes the ears to bend in a distinctive manner and is caused by a naturally occuring genetic mutation. Despite the name, some Scottish Folds have straight ears.

These cats are unusually loving and affectionate, making them highly sought after family pets. They are loyal and sensitive animals who can often been seen following their owners from room to room. The are inquisitive animals who enjoy exploring shelves, cupboards, and closets, although they aren’t much for hiding in them. Scottish Folds enjoy lounging in what has been called the “Buddha sit,” or sitting straight up in a position that resembles a prairie dog. They enjoy playing in water and some of them will eat and drink with their paws. They are generally good natured animals who will do well in a wide variety of homes, including those with children and other animals.

Scottish Folds have a face that has often been compared to an owl. The ears sit close to the skull above a very round face with rather large, wide-set eyes. All Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears, and if folds are going to develop they will appear between 18 and 24 days. Only about half of Fold kittens actually develop the distinctive folded ear. Scottish Folds are a medium sized cat with a fine bone structure, weighing from 6 to 13 pounds with females typically weighing less than males.

The Scottish Fold is available with both long and short coats. They are available in any color or combination or pattern with the exception of pointed colors.

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