Selkirk Rex Breed

The Selkirk Rex is a fairly new breed of domestic cat whose origins are in Montana in the mid-1980s. In 1985, a strange looking kitten with curls appeared in a litter belonging to a feral blue and white tortoiseshell cat. She caught the eye of a Persian breeder who established a breeding program that outcrossed this cat with a black Persian male. The breed was officially recognized beginning in 1990.

The Selkirk Rex is easy-going and relaxed, like many of the breeds used in its development. Like their British Shorthair ancestors, they are laid-back and reserved. Like their Exotic Shorthair ancestors, they are playful and kittenish. Like their Persian ancestors, they are cuddly and sweet. All around, they are patient, tolerant, calm and loving, and as such make great pets for people who have time to dote on them.

Selkirk Rex bodies are muscular and slightly square, with a rounded head, round eyes and pointed ears that are set wide apart and a tail that tapers gracefully at the tip. They are also noted for their brilliant gold colored eyes. Occasionally, blue eyed Selkirk Rex are also produced.

Often called the cat in sheep’s clothing, these cats are noted for their distinctive curly coat. Available in both long and shorthair varieties, in both the coat is curled and plush, with a slightly woolier look in longhair Selkirk Rex.  Both lengths of coat require very regular grooming, which is hardly surprising given their Persian ancestry. They shed frequently, but this becomes less of a problem when the coat is maintained. The breed is accepted in all colors.

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