Siamese Breed

The Siamese is one of the oldest and most widely recognized cat breeds, though its exact origins are unknown. It is generally believed to have come from Southeast Asia, most likely Thailand. Representations of this distinctive looking cat go back several centuries to 1350. The first Siamese arrived in America in 1879 and the quickly became one of the most popular breeds here in the 1900s. Siamese cats are founding members of several other breeds, including the Oriental Shorthair, Oriental Longhair, and the Balinese.

Siamese cats are highly social and interactive. They make excellent pets for people who have time to shower them with love and attention.     The breed is very people-oriented and thrives in human company. They can become lonely and withdrawn if left on their own for long periods, so consider two if your house will be empty for long stretches. Despite their people-centric nature, Siamese are very active and playful cats who are excellent at amusing themselves, though they’d prefer a game of fetch with their favorite human to playing on their own.Siamese are known for their vocalizations, and it’s a rare cat that talks more than a Siamese does.

These cats are graceful and beautiful, with slender bodies and distinctive faces. Their long bodies are muscular, flexible, and followed by long tails. Their heads are a distinctive triangular shape with a long, thin snout. Their striking blue eyes are almond-shaped and their large ears are wide set. They are all angles, with no round edges to be found.

The Siamese is characterized by its typical colorpoint pattern. Points are available in a variety of colors, from seal to lilac.

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