Tonkinese Breed

Commonly referred to as “Tonks,” Tonkinese are a relatively new cross between Siamese and Burmese cats. Though there is some dispute about the exact origin of the cats, it's generally accepted that the modern version is descended from Wong Mau, who was considered the first Burmese, and truly developed in the 1960s. The name does not refer to the Tonkin area in Indochina, but is rather taken from the name of an island in the musical South Pacific.

Tonkinese are outgoing, friendly, energetic, and talkative cats. Not only will they enjoy spending time with the humans and animals they share a home with, but they'll also make new friends whenever the opportunity arises. They are intelligent and though training takes patience, they will learn well. Though Tonks will spend most of their time engaged in play, they do enjoy cuddling and make excellent lap cats. They can be happy apartment cats provided they have an opportunity for exercise. They can be talkative cats who will demand your attention for a conversation, though not to the extent of their Siamese relatives.

Tonkinese are generally trim and muscular cats, and can weigh anywhere from 6 to 14 pounds, with males weighing more than the females. They have oval heads with large, wide-set ears, and are known for their sparkling aqua eyes, though eye color does range from yellow to blue.

There is a great deal of variation in Tonkinese color and pattern. The three main patterns are mink, solid, and pointed, and the most commonly accepted colors are platinum, champagne, blue, and natural, though the breed is born in a wider variety of color. Their thick coat does not require much maintenance, though it will need regular brushing.

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