Toyger Breed

Bred to resemble a “toy tiger” with a striped coat, Toygers are the result of selectively breeding domestic shorthaired tabbies with Bengal cats. Development of the breed began in 1980, and the breed creator, Judy Sudgen, has often said that she was inspired to develop the breed to bring awareness to the conservation of wild tigers. The breed was first recognized in the early 1990s.

The Toyger is an extremely outgoing and people-oriented cat. Expect yours to follow you from room to room while you go about your day and enthusiastically meet strangers and make friends of humans and animals. Though they do enjoy human companionship, they are more laid-back than demanding, making them a great addition to a busy household. Toygers are intelligent cats who can be easily trained to walk on a leash, fetch, or sit.

Toygers were bred to resemble wild tigers not just in terms of their stunning stripes, but also in body type. They are athletic looking cats who have a long, lean body, large boning, medium-length legs, and very long tails. Their heads are a medium-sized oval with small, round eyes, and medium-sized oval ears.

The striped coat is just one of many features that makes the Toyger special, but it’s definitely the most noticable. The coat is short and may have a slight ruff at the neck. Stripes are bold, black and patterned vertically on an orange background.

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