Turkish Angora Breed

One of the oldest naturally-occurring cat breeds, Turkish Angora are longhaired cats who originated in Ankara (formerly Angora), Turkey. The earliest written reference to these cats is from 16th century France, and they were well represented in cat shows in Europe throughout the 1800s and early 1900s. Considered a national treasure, a breeding program was established at the Ankara Zoo in order to preserve the line. Although keepers were reluctant to allow the cats to be exported, they were finally allowed to America in 1962, where a breeding program was established. The breed was recognized in the United States in 1972.

Often called the ballerinas of the cat world, Turkish Angora are lean, graceful, and powerful. They are athletic cats with a great jumping ability who will often be found in the highest places. They are excellent hunters and can amuse themselves for hours with games and toys. They are outgoing and affectionate cats who will enjoy being part of the action and may create a distraction if they don’t think they’re getting enough attention.

Turkish Angora are small to medium cats, but long and muscular. Their torso is long, and the back legs are slightly higher than the front legs. Tails are long with a slight taper, and carried lower than the body but not trailing. The head is a modified wedge shape proportional to the size of the body. The ears are pointed and the eyes are large and almond-shaped, preferred in amber.

The coat of the Turkish Angora is medium-long with no undercoat. Weekly combing will be sufficient grooming to keep their coats looking their best. Although they are known for their white coats, there are actually more than twenty varieties of color and pattern.

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