Is Your Cat Fat?

Watching your cat’s weight is an important part of making sure your cat is healthy. Your cat’s weight will vary through the years, but an overweight cat is something to watch out for!

How can you tell if your cat is overweight? Looking at your cat can give you a good idea. From above, you should be able to see the slight indentation of a waist. You should be able to feel this slight indentation if you run your hands the length of the cat’s body and youu should also be able to feel your cat’s ribs on the side of its chest.

If your cat is overweight, whether or not it seems happy, you should be concerned. A cat who is overweight is at risk for diabetes, joint and skin problems, or a potentially shorter lifespan.

Your cat may be overweight due to different causes. You’ll need to figure out why your cat is overweight and address the causes. If your cat is overweight because it’s overeating you’ll slowly need to decrease the amount of food available or gradually switch to a new food. Don’t make any drastic changes and allow your cat to adjust. If your cat is overweight due to inactivity, get involved in your cat’s play and exercise. Make sure your cat is an environment that encourages activity – provide toys, play structures, and an encouraging, comfortable environment.

Before implementing a new diet or exercise plan for your cat, it’s always a good idea to have your vet examine your cat. While dietary and environmental concerns are likely the cause of your cat’s obesity, you’ll want to rule out any diseases that can cause weight gain in cats. Working with your vet will help ensure that your cat is getting the best treatment possible for its condition.