Spaying or Neutering Your Cat

It’s easy to make the decision to spay or neuter your cat. The operation is simple, inexpensive and provides a range of benefits - from certain lowered health risks, longer life spans, improved behavior and not having to deal with pesky mating behavior or territorial marking.

Spaying or neutering involves removing an animal’s ability to reproduce. Spaying involves the surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus, while neutering is the removal of the male testicles. Both surgeries are considered very safe, low risk and relatively painless, and in most cases the animal is able is up an about within a day or two, and able to play normally within a few days.

The procedure should be done prior to the animal reaching puberty. Many experts agree that near six months old is the best time to perform the surgery, though studies have shown that kittens who undergo the operation earlier tend to recover quickly and without complication. As such, there has been a growing trend in performing the operation earlier. If your new pet is an adult, the spay or neuter procedure will have the same benefits as it would for a kitten.

There are many benefits to having your cat spayed or neutered. Cats who have this procedure performed have been shown to live longer and healthier lives. The surgery can eliminate the possibility of several common cancers, as well as lower risks for certain other diseases. The surgery will eliminate most mating behaviors in males and prevent heat cycles in females. Additionally, cats who are spayed or neutered are more responsive to their owners and show a decrease in behavioral issues.