New Cat Starter Guide

Bringing home a new pet is a big responsibility and it can often feel overwhelming to prepare. Our starter guide has a list of important things to know before bringing your kitten home.

  • Choose your cat carefully: Make sure you’re bringing home the right cat. Do research on breeds and breeders before making your final decision.
  • Know cat costs: In addition to costs for daily items, such as food and litter, it’s important to have an idea of what you’ll be spending on toys, regular vet visits, and emergency vet visits so you’re able to budget accordingly.
  • Common cat health problems: Know the common health risks for cats. Being able to spot them before they develop into serious issues can save you time, stress, sadness and money.
  • Find a vet: Take the time to research and choose a vet for your cat. Know where your nearest 24 hour emergency vet clinic is located. Keep numbers for both handy.
  • Stock up: Buy food, bowls, a litterbox, litter, and other basic supplies before bringing your cat home. Keep in mind that your cat may be picky and you may need to switch foods and/or litter, so don’t buy so much that it might go to waste.
  • Introduce your cat safely and slowly: Your cat will need time to adjust to its new environment. Introduce your cat to one room at a time, making sure each is safe for cat. Make sure your cat always has access to food, water, its litterbox, and a nice quiet place to be alone.
  • Provide toys and playtime: Your new cat will want to play! Be sure to provide plenty of toys, places to climb and appropriate scratching posts. Make sure that you’re available to play with your new cat! Not only will this help your cat adjust to the new space, but will allow you to bond.
  • Training: Your cat may have behavioral issues that need correction such as scratching, biting . Be patient, consistent and gentle when training your cat.

Above all, let your cat be a cat! It won’t be long before you’re fast friends who know just what the other needs.