How To Clean Your Cat's Litter Box

Cleaning your cat’s litterbox might be one of the downsides of owning a cat, but a clean litterbox will keep your cat using it and your home free of odors!

Scooping: You should be scooping your cat’s litter frequently. Shake the box gently and any clumps will move toward the top of the box.  Make sure to remove clumps from the wall of the box, or the odor will remain in the box. If you’re not using a flushable litter, you’ll want to dispose of the waste in a trash bag that ties or is outside to avoid any odor or mess. Make sure to replenish the litter after scooping!

Changing the Litter: If you’re using a liner, changing the whole litter box will be easy. Simply tie the liner at the top and dispose. If you’re not using a liner, you’ll want to slowly empty the litter into a waste bag in order to dispose of it.

Cleaning the Box: It’s a good idea to give the litterbox a full cleaning every once in a while. You won’t want to use bleach, soap or other detergents, as some may be toxic and your cat may dislike the smell of others. Empty the box, scrub it with water, and leave a half inch of distilled white vinegar in the box for about half an hour. Pour it out, dry the box, and return it to its place.

If you’re really sick of cleaning up after your cat, consider an automatic litterbox or toilet training!