Choosing a Reputable Breeder

So you want a cat and you’ve taken the time to find the breed that’s right for you? Your next step will be finding the right breeder. Knowing what to look for in a breeder will make that search a little easier, but be prepared to make a little effort. The right breeder will have the right cat, and the right cat is worth taking the time to find.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a source for breeders. Kittens for Sale is a great resource for connecting potential buyers with excellent breeders. Narrow down your choices to a few who you’ll interview at greater length, making sure that they are registered and will have available animals when you’re ready to take yours home.

When interviewing breeders, know that they should happily answer your questions and accommodate your requests. It might be a sign to move on to the next breeder if you come across one who is unable or unwilling to do so. A good breeder will also be interested in interviewing you to make sure their cat is heading to the right home. It’s a good sign when the breeder is as concerned with where their cats are going as where they are first raised.

Basic information such as vet and buyer references, information about the animal’s parents, and paperwork (if the animal is pedigreed) will be provided by quality breeders. He or she should also be willing to tell you about their breeding practices and show you their cattery, which should be healthy and safe, and to document a kitten’s health. A reputable breeder will be willing and able to sign a sales contract which will protect both you and the cat.

Kittens raised in a loving, safe and healthy environment are less likely to have physical and behavioral problems than those who aren’t. Finding a breeder who is as concerned about this as you are will help ensure you take home the best cat possible.